The standard guide to select a refrigerator size is to allow for 4 to 6 cubic feet per adult in the household. Consider the size of your family and allow for a little extra room. Once you have determined the appropriate size, you can consider style options.

The following are approximate measurements and prices for a variety of different refrigerator models.

Gain Storage Space with a Top Freezer

  • Size: 28–33 inches wide
  • Capacity: 23 cubic feet
  • Price: $479 to $2,199
  • Pros: Good amount of storage for small place
  • Cons: Doors swing wide, need to bend to access the refrigerator

Keep Fresh Food at Eye Level with a Bottom Freezer

  • Size: 24–36 inches wide
  • Capacity: 30 cubic feet
  • Price: $999 to $1,899
  • Pros: Fresh food is at eye-level and frozen food is down below
  • Cons: Must bend to reach freezer

Avoid Bending with a Side-by-Side Option

  • Size: 33–36 inches wide
  • Capacity: 28 cubic feet
  • Price: $1,149 to $3,099
  • Pros: Fridge on one side, freezer on the other—no bending; exterior ice and water dispenser; narrow doors fit a small kitchen
  • Cons: Too narrow to fit a pizza box into; not as energy efficient as other models

Save Energy with a French Door

  • Size: 28–36 inches
  • Capacity: 34 cubic feet
  • Price: $1,599 to $3,999 ($4,500 to $8,000 if you want a slimmer depth that looks built in)
  • Pros: Only open half the fridge when storing small items
  • Cons: Priciest option

Other Considerations

Most consumers do not buy a refrigerator on style alone. Let’s look at some other factors that may be important.

  • Energy efficiency: A refrigerator with the Engergy Saver label means that it’s in the top 25% of the market for efficiency, which means lower energy bills. Just be aware that buying a different style of fridge may also save you the same or more.
  • External water and ice dispensers: This is one of the most popular features; but be wary that fridges with this feature often require the most repairs.
  • Adjustable shelves and drawers: Space options ensure that you’re always organized.
  • Air purifier: This feature can keep foods fresh for longer by eliminating bacteria.
  • Dual-cooling system: Dual cooling enables the fridge and freezer to keep cool air separate.
  • Control pad: Controls allow you to set the temperature and customize features.
  • Smart refrigerator: Optional features include energy monitoring, voice control, and displays for cooking timers, recipe, and family calendar, also can play music.

Prioritize the features that matter to you and identify the style you love and you will have found the perfect refrigerator. Refrigerators should last for 13 years, so make an investment that will pay off every day. If you need additional guidance, contact us today.