4 Misconceptions About Selling Your House To A Cash Buyer In Rhode Island (RI)

4 Misconceptions About Selling Your House To A

Cash Buyer In Rhode Island (RI)

4 Misconceptions About Selling Your House To A Wholesaler In Las Vegas

Selling your house to a cash buyer can be an excellent selling solution for many Rhode Island homeowners. Check out these common misconceptions people have about the process in our latest blog post! 

Before we dive into these misconceptions, be aware that not all real estate Cash Buyers are alike. Some may have different motives, criteria, and the ways they operate. Before choosing to sell your house to a Cash Buyer in Rhode Island, ask questions and find out more about them, their business, and what they can offer you. Working with someone who knows what they’re doing vs. someone who doesn’t will make a big difference in how much you are able to get when selling your Rhode Island home.

Common Misconceptions

They’re Going To Get Ripped Off

A great cash buyer isn’t in the business of ripping people off. They are in the business of helping homeowners who need to sell and lack the time to wait for a traditional sale on the MLS. They are in the business of finding the right buyers who can close on a house fast, providing the seller with a fair solution to their selling situation. They work hard to find the right buyers for the seller’s homes, typically closing within one to four weeks. What cash buyers do offer homeowners is a convenient sale, a fast closing, and a fair offer. That’s not to say there aren’t some people out there that take advantage, but if you work with a trusted and professional cash buyer in Rhode Island such as I Buy Rhode Island Houses, you won’t ever have to worry about getting ripped off.

There Will Be NO Hidden Costs

While we can’t speak for all others out there, when you work with I Buy Rhode Island Houses, there are no hidden costs or fees to worry about. You will be able to sell your house without spending a dime. There are no commissions, administrative fees, or other hidden charges to factor in. While we aren’t paying full retail price for your house, the amount you are able to save will usually balance things out. And that’s not to mention all the time and effort you will save which has a value all of its own! When you sell your house directly to a company like I Buy Rhode Island Houses, there will never be any commissions or fees to worry about!

Cash Buyers Are Just Trying To Make A Quick Buck

Of course, there are those fly by night cash buyers who are looking for a quick deal just as a means to get into the real estate industry. While they may be fully capable of finding and facilitating a great deal, someone who is more experienced, and who does this full-time may be in a better position to help both buyers and sellers. They will have a wide network of buyers, who all are interested in different types of properties at different price points. An experienced Cash Buyer in Rhode Island will know which buyers will pay what you are asking, doing the work to close the deal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There’s Never A Catch

There is never any sort of catch when working with I Buy Rhode Island Houses to sell your house in RI. You will not have to deal with any surprises or hurdles that will disrupt the sale of your house. You won’t ever have to make any repairs, worry about cleaning, or wait longer than expected. While some Cash Buyer have things hidden in the fine print, selling with I Buy Rhode Island Houses will ensure you receive a fair and no hassle process no matter your situation or the properties condition.

The Truth

While there are some cash buyers out there looking to make a quick buck at any cost, there are others, such as the team at I Buy Rhode Island Houses who thrive on providing solutions to home sellers who are looking for a fast and fair way to sell their homes. We’re able to provide realistic solutions to local homeowners who need to sell quickly because of divorce, foreclosure, or any other difficult situation. We love being able to match up buyers and sellers so everyone wins. Buyers are able to find the properties they want, and local sellers are able to sell their houses at prices that make sense. We are always transparent about everything we do.

If you are looking for a convenient, fast, and fair way to sell your house fast in Rhode Island for Cash, working with the team at I Buy Rhode Island Houses may be the solution you have been waiting for. If you have a house in Rhode Island that needs some work or that needs to be sold quickly, you don’t have to feel stuck or worry about selling it for pennies on the dollar. For many people, the process is much easier than listing or selling on their own. By working with a professional and experienced cash buyer in Rhode Island, you will be able to get a great cash price for your house while closing very quickly.

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We are Not house Flippers or Wholesalers, both who do not have Cash or Money to Purchase Your House. After over 40yrs buying houses in Rhode Island, We have our own money to purchase your house. We will Never Sell the Contract you Sign to an unknown 3rd party, we will always close and purchase in our name only. You’ll deal with us from begin to end.

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